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Newsletter 22 February 2024

Takapuna Primary
School Newsletter
Mā te pā ka taea te whakatipu te tamaiti
It takes a village to raise a child

Kia ora TPS families,

The last few weeks I have spent time visiting each of our classes, taking time to learn all the new children’s names and getting to hear how things are going for them. I will finish my visits by the end of next week. It has been a wonderful experience and I can truly appreciate how hard the teachers are working to cater to all the children, reinforcing how to work together in a classroom environment, get children to focus, follow instructions and understand routines. If you are wanting to help generate some discussion at home, here are a few things to think about: 

  • Can my child follow instructions and how many at each time? 
  • Are they able to sustain a quiet activity for a period of time? How long?
  • If they encountered a problem at school – what would they do to help solve it?
  • Do they know why they come to school? 
  • Does my child give up when things get tricky or do they persevere?
  • What positive experiences are they having at school? Can they talk about these?

SCHOOL PICNIC TOMORROW (see poster below)

Once again our SCG (School Community Group) are busy organising our beginning of the year School Picnic. There will be a few food items for sale, we encourage you to bring along a picnic blanket and you’re welcome to bring your own food. It is a wonderful opportunity for families to meet each other, our teachers will also be around to get to know you better. 

Ministry of Education updates: 

1 hour per day mandate

What does this change mean for my child? 

Many schools already spend an hour a day on reading, writing and maths, so this will not be a big change. This is the case for Takapuna Primary School. The new ‘one hour a day’ requirement has been designed to be practical and flexible. Schools will still be able to hold events like athletics days and school camps since the requirement is for an average amount of time each week. One hour average per day applies to school hours only. 

What will the lessons look like? 

The National Curriculum outlines what your child should be able to understand, know and do as they progress through their school years. Teachers will continue to use the curriculum and teach in ways that best suit the learning. This includes using things like active learning opportunities, group work, investigations, practice and consolidation activities. The ‘one hour a day’ requirement can be broken up into small blocks throughout the day. Your child’s teacher will manage these to fit the needs of your child. 

To support the learning at school, you can help your child develop reading, writing and maths skills by:

  • having your child read to you
  • reading to your child and talking about books and stories
  • encouraging your child to share what they think about a book (or video game, podcast, or movie), and being positive about the material they are reading, listening or watching
  • letting your child see you enjoy books, audiobooks, podcasts, games, movies, or videos in your first language
  • encouraging your child to write and talking with your child about what they are writing
  • showing your child that you write for lots of reasons too, such as replying to an email, filling out a form, or writing an invitation or letter 
  • involving your child in activities where you use maths (for example playing games with cards or dice, grocery shopping, cooking and DIY activities)
  • encouraging your child to share how they solve mathematics problems (they may use different mental or written strategies to the ones you were taught)
  • being positive about your child’s reading, writing and maths experiences and praising their efforts.

Attendance and Lateness:

As part of the Ministry of Education Attendance and Engagement Strategy, schools are required to communicate to families:  Schools must highlight the responsibility of parents, caregivers and whānau to support ākonga to attend school and increase ākonga motivation to attend school. 

Taking children on holidays during term time does affect their learning. Attendance is unjustified and reported as such. 

Staffing news: 

Vanessa, our amazing music teacher, has decided to pursue new opportunities within the education sector. Vanessa has been part of the TPS whānau for 5 years and while we are very sad to see her go – we know she’ll take away fantastic memories of her time here. The children and staff will farewell Vanessa during the final weeks of this term. We are looking to find a new teacher but we ask for your patience as this doesn’t always happen quickly. 

Digital Safety Parent evening: 

This was held on Monday 19th February at 6:30pm digitally. We had approximately 22 parents join us, we have around 381 learners at TPS at this time. There was very valuable information shared with parents on how to keep your children safe online and tools that parents can use to help their children navigate an online world. This will be one of the greatest challenges for families who are raising children in 2024! An interesting discussion was around the banning of devices and how Netsafe suggests that parents do not ban their child’s device if children are not using them appropriately. 

Many families have asked ‘how can I help my children at home?’ I can’t help but think that attending sessions like these are exactly how you help your children at home. My challenge to families is to keep thinking about what learning at home looks like for you and your children. 

If you missed out and want to know more, please visit the netsafe website – Parents tab

Team Newsletters: 

The whānau team newsletters will be coming out very soon, this will have more information pertaining to your child’s year group. These will be shared via Hero. 

Please ask: 

We are very committed to having transparent conversations about school life, if there is anything you’re unsure about – I encourage you to get in touch with me. Talking to each other is a great start, but this may not always give you the answers to your questions and can sometimes feel unproductive. A reminder my email is if you have anything that you need clarification, please let me know. 

Feedback from a former parent of TPS: 

“Hi Devika, I have just been to an NCEA Excellence awards ceremony at Takapuna Grammar School, I recognised at least six Year 12 and 1 Year 13 student, who are former TPS students. I think this is pretty cool, given how many students from TPS go across to different schools”

Regards, Devika and the TPS team



At the front of our school we have a pātaka kai which means pantry or storehouse. It is a place where people can leave food for others in our community to take. This initiative was established by our Tu Rangatira group who wanted to stand tall and give something back to our Takapuna Community. Please feel free to leave any non perishable food items in there.

New & Preloved Uniform:

You can only purchase new and preloved uniform online.  We no longer stock second hand uniform at the office. Please go to, click on “information”, scroll to “uniform” and click on “shop”. (as below)

*You can still buy hats and sunglasses at the office.


Mitey – Mental Health Education:

Mitey is a New Zealand specific, Years 1-8 approach to embedding mental health education in both teaching and learning. It was developed by the Sir John Kirwan Foundation. Our kura is now in the second year on our Mitey journey.

Children will learn how to recognise and respond to their own mental health and those of others. Cultivating good mental health helps us cope with life’s ups and downs, and to feel comfortable asking for help from others when we need it.

All the teachers at Takapuna Primary are engaging with Professional Development from our expert coaches working for Mitey. 

For more information visit the website:


Friday 23 February   TPS School Picnic (3:00pm-4:30pm)

Friday 29 March       Good Friday (no school)

Monday 1 April         Easter Monday (no school)

Tuesday 2 April         Easter (no school)

Friday 12 April          End of Term 1 (3:00pm)

Click here for School Calendar


Link to school website here:  click here



This year there has been a change of policy with the payment of fees and subsequent placement of children in teams. If you would like your child to be placed in a team then fees need to be paid in advance. If it is not possible to pay fees up front for any reason then please make arrangements to communicate this with Anneke or Alison so that your child can be placed in a team. We want as many children to be able to participate as possible, however, the school cannot afford to subsidise fees for out of school sports nor is it the role of the school. 

Basketball Registrations

At this stage not all learners who have registered have paid their fees which means that there are not enough players to have teams. Entries for basketball teams close on Friday 23rd February, therefore this needs to either be paid or some form of communication by Thursday 22nd February. 


Netball registrations are now live on our website so please have a think about whether or not you would like to play netball in Term 2 and 3. Players will need to purchase their own plain navy blue skort and new sports top from the T.P.S website. Link to register here.

Cluster Swimming

This will be taking place at Takapuna Primary on Friday 22nd March. We are in the process of completing trials this week. Training for the team will be organised once the team is finalised.

Flippa Ball  

We have one year five and six teams who started the competition successfully on the weekend.  Unfortunately we did not get enough players for a year three and four team but we will be trying again in Term two so please watch the notices for this. 

Coming up: 

Monday 18th March: Year 3-6 girls football tournament 

Wednesday 20th March: Year 3-6 boys football tournament 

Friday 22nd March: Cluster Swimming  

Well done Summer!

The CNW junior champs were held last weekend – (central, north & west).

Summer won gold in the 300m race and in the 100m final.

Her first gold medals!

2024 Term Dates

Term 1: Friday 2 February – Friday 12 April
Term 2: Monday 29 April – Friday 5 July
Term 3: Monday 22 July – Friday 27 Septemer
Term 4: Monday 14 October – Wednesday 18 December


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