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Term 2 ends Friday 5 July – Term 3 begins Monday 22 July – enjoy your break!

Community of Learning

Community of Learning

We are a unique and diverse community of learning. Our geographical community forms the northern part of the Devonport-Takapuna local board. Our schools are all in the decile 7-9 range.

We are located near the beautiful Lake Pupuke, hence our name, the Pupuke Kāhui Ako. Pupuke stems from the Māori verb, pukea, which means to well up, rise or to increase in volume. Lake Pupuke is often referred to as a heart shaped lake.

Our Vision

Our vision is to extend, develop and connect our work as a community to ensure that our young people are; engaged, connected to their community, to the North Shore, to New Zealand and to the world. We want them to develop the competencies and vision to extend those connections throughout their lives. Our vision is New Zealand’s vision; ​we want our young people to be confident, connected, actively-involved lifelong learners. (Source: )

Our Community of Learning: Pupuke – Kāhui Ako achievement challenges are:

Wellbeing​ – for a happy young person is confident, connected and engaged

Key competencies – ​that will enable our young people to further develop the skills and competencies that strengthen their relationship building and resilience in order to achieve their own form of excellence in their learning.

Community engagement – because we know that we all need to be connected to each other if we are to help young people become connected with themselves, with their country, and with each other.

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