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Term 2 ends Friday 5 July – Term 3 begins Monday 22 July – enjoy your break!

Report an Absence

Absence due to medical reasons

If your child is going to be absent due to illness, you must call the office please 489 6339 or email BEFORE 9:00am.

All other absences

If your child is going to be absent for reasons other than medical, please follow the procedure below :

  • A formal letter or email to the Principal ( written by the parent or guardian, stating the reason and the dates the student will be absent.
  • This should be received at least a week before the absence takes place.

To minimise the impact absences have on a student’s education, holidays scheduled during the term breaks would be appreciated.

Absence definitions

Justified Absence (J) – Justified absence – the reason is within the school policy • Unplanned absences such as a bus breakdown, accident, road closure, extreme weather conditions etc • Planned non attendance such as national/local representation in a sporting or cultural event in New Zealand or overseas. • Approved absence (also overseas) including bereavement, visiting an ill relative, exceptional family circumstances.

Medical (M) – Student absent due to short-term illness/medical reasons student is at home, or in hospital, because of illness or other medical reason.

Unjustified Absence (E) – where the Principal has been notified by the parent/guardian that the student will be absent, but the reason for the absence does not fit within the school’s policy as a justifiable reason to take the student off school, i.e. travelling overseas, family holiday, etc.

In the case of unjustified absence, the responsibility rests with the parent. Teachers are not required to make special arrangements for students to catch up on missed work.

Late (L) – Student is late to school (Student arrives after 9.00am)

A full list of codes and their explanation can be found at the Ministry of Education website.

Online Absence Form