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About Us

Welcome to Tūī whānau!

Tūī whānau is where tamariki develop greater independence on their journey as powerful learners. They are encouraged to manage their own belongings, become more aware of how they learn best, work with the teacher to identify their next learning steps, and develop further tools to navigate relationships with others.


In Tūī, a child’s guardian class teacher continues to be their main connection and their whānau’s main point of contact. However, over the course of their time in Tūī, a child will be lucky enough to work with a variety of teachers, all of whom have a shared responsibility for their learning. This also gives children the opportunity to work with peers from other classes and form different connections. Collaboration in Tūī can look different at different times but it is always with the intention of maximising learning opportunities for the children. 


The core curriculum areas of Literacy and Numeracy continue to be the priority focus for our teaching and learning programmes in Tūī. In addition, our children experience rich learning opportunities in Music, Health & P.E, Inquiry (Science, Social Sciences and Technology), The Arts (visual, dance and drama) and Digital Technology. Learning in Te Ao Māori and Te reo Māori is integrated throughout the week and is evident in many things happening in our classrooms. This year we are excited to develop the children’s critical thinking skills through explicit teaching of the new Aotearoa Histories Curriculum. Learning in Tūī is purposeful and targeted to the needs of the learners.

BYOD & Digital Learning:

We are a BYOD team which means that our learners are able to bring their own device from home to use for learning. Digital technology becomes a bigger part of the curriculum from Year 3 onwards as children learn more about how to become creative and innovative, independent users of technology. However, it is important to note that it is just one tool for learning and careful consideration is given for when, why and how children are using devices to support their learning.

Composite class structure:

Tūī classes are all composite classes of learners from both Year 3 and 4. Where possible, we aim for learners to stay with the same teacher for both of these years. This has great benefits for the child as they have already established a relationship with the teacher. We know that a strong connection with the teacher is fundamental in ensuring the best possible learning outcomes for a child. In addition, when the teacher already knows the child well, they are able to target teaching specifically to their needs right from the start of the year.

It is always exciting to see the significant growth that takes place in our Tūī learners as they transition from the junior classes to then be ready for their senior years at primary school. We are so proud of all our learners!

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