Our Sports Coordinator is Anneke van Eyndhoven. Anneke is in charge of coordinating a range of sports and relies on parents and caregivers to coach and manage many teams. We update the website monthly and provide current information when it is available will be directly through out fortnightly TPS Newsletter. If you have any sports related questions, please email Anneke on

Takapuna Primary School Sports events and Extra-curricular Sports Overview 2022 can be found HERE

Takapuna Primary School Physical Education

Physical Education and Sports play an important role at Takapuna Primary School and all students are encouraged to take an active part. We consider that all students should be given the opportunity to experience a wide range of physical activities, and the emphasis is on attitude, sportsmanship and perseverance in both individual and team sports. We aim to provide a balanced curriculum where all learners participate in a range of Physical Education activities and games. Students experience a wide variety of sport-related skills and further development of their fundamental movement skills during weekly P.E. lessons. Some examples of the skills are:

  • Fostering teamwork, communication, and resilience.

  • Throwing, catching, striking, and fielding.

  • Dribbling, passing, defending and shooting.

  • Passing, attacking, defending, and use of space for court & field games.

  • Hand/eye & foot/eye coordination, reaction time, & fitness

  • Running, jumping and throwing for Athletics.

  • Rotation, balance, spring, strength, flexibility for Gymnastics.

During Term One and Term Four all learners at Takapuna Primary School participate in two Water Skills for Life lessons taken by classroom teachers. Swimming Carnival events are organised and led by each Whānau team: Kiwi Y0-2; Tūi Y3-4; and Kererū Y5-6.

During Term Two all learners at Takapuna Primary School participate in the School Cross Country. The Cross Country event is organised and led by each Whānau team: Kiwi Y0-2; Tūi Y3-4; and Kererū Y5-6.

During Term Four all learners at Takapuna Primary School participate in School Athletics. The Athletics event is organised and led by each Whānau team: Kiwi Y0-2; Tūi Y3-4; and Kererū Y5-6.

As much as possible we enlist the support of sporting groups to help coach our students to learn the specific skills for a particular sport. We have had extra coaching and opportunities from Auckland Cricket, Harbour Rugby, NZ Basketball, Kelly Sports, Gymnastics.

All students are involved in a daily fitness maintenance programme. There are guidelines that provide further information about our school policies and documents. These are available on School Docs.

There are competitive sport options where selected students represent Takapuna Primary School against other schools in the local Pupuke Cluster includes: Swimming (Y4-6); Rippa Rugby (Y3-6); Soccer (Y3-6); Athletics (Y4-6) and Cross Country (Y4-6).

A current list of the extra-curricular sports supported by Takapuna Primary School.

Important reminder: For the safety, care and successful participation of your child/ren in sports - we ask that parents are actively involved and supporting their children to develop, grow and engage in the sport. We find this shared understanding makes the difference between children engaging with playing sports rather than an after school activity.

Please click on the title of each sport for further information

TPS have mixed Basketball/Mini-ball teams for Year 3 to 6 who play weekly at the YMCA in Northcote. Teams will be dependent on the registered numbers and available coaches/managers. Click on the link to register your child or through our TPS Newsletter. All registrations are required to be done directly with TPS.

For those extra keen cricketers there is also the opportunity to participate in the Cricket Express Junior League at local Cricket Clubs. Please contact the clubs for further information.

We have Splash Polo teams registered from TPS and historically we have had several teams that have done well. Splash Polo l is the modified version of water polo, simplified to assist kids in learning the game and developing skills in a pool that they can touch the bottom in. It will be dependent on registered players if we can have teams playing each term.

Hockey at Takapuna Primary School is offered in Terms Two & Three for Years 3-6. Games are played at North Harbour Hockey and we are asking for coaches and managers to support our teams. Hockey has been cancelled due to low numbers of interest and registration for 2021.

Netball at Takapuna Primary School is offered in Term Two & cross over to part of Term Three with opportunities for all ages to play.

Rippa Rugby Tournaments are offered in Terms Two & Three with opportunities for all ages to play.

TPS has started its very own Ski and Snowboard team! Running for 8 weeks in Term Three, students have the opportunity to learn and improve their technique.

The Football Festival held each year will be offered to Y4-6. If there is space for more players the Y3 students will be invited to participate. Please check the school calendar for dates.

All TPS pupils will participate in their Whānau Water Skills for Life Carnival. These are organsied between teams of Kiwi, Tūi and Kererū. Our Y4-6 swimmers who want to compete in the Pupuke Swimming Cluster will have an opportunity in Term One. Please also check the school calendar for each Whānau Carnival in Term One.

Touch Rugby at TPS is offered in Terms One & Four with opportunities for all ages to play. TPS students are able to register and play touch rugby in the appropriate TPS touch team outside of school hours (after school).

A couple of points to note:

  • TPS participates within the Primary School Touch Module run by

  • Parents, your child/ren need your support, both in registering them to play before closing dates and in supporting them at their games wherever possible.

  • We will have firm registration dates for each sport which will be available on our Takapuna Primary School website or School Newsletters. All registrations MUST be in before these dates as this is how we register our teams within leagues and events. This information also supports our sports coordinator to organise and liaise teams.

  • We will be seeking coaches for each of our teams in each sport, so parents please be ready to offer some of your time and willingness to coach or manage your child/ren’s sports team where you can.

  • When your child/ren are registering for any sports team here at TPS they and you are committing to the duration of that league/sport/competition. We encourage everyone to have a go at a sport/s of interest and encourage inclusion for all Takapuna Primary students.